Solution Architecture

I provide a broad understanding of IT technology and solutions delivery with A deep technical knowledge allows me to make informed decisions to make projects deliver quickly.

solution architecture

As a solution architect I assume the primary responsiblity for making some of the bigger decisions around the nature of the solution. Throughout the project I am making choices (or providing recommendations) that impact the selection and use of technology, such as

  1. Should we build or buy a solution?
  • What technology platform should we use?
  • How will the solution scale to meet expected user demand?
  • How should the solution components be deployed, and how will the solution integrate with the other systems we have?

This all leads to defining and establishing the solution architecture, starting from an initial vision and evolves into a more concrete software architecture. A major part of defining the solution architecture is understanding and addressing the concerns of the key project stakeholders. I have found that stakeholders and their needs can be roughly summarised as:

  1. Enabling greater productivity or lowering cost
  • Streamlining the day to day activities of the business
  • and providing a secure, stable and supportable environment

Being an architect requires the ability to balance everyone’s needs and implement solutions that obtain the desired business outcome. I find that I spend most of time providing technical leadership, providing guidance to the various stakeholders about issues relating to the project being implemented.

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