Agile & DevOps

By adopting the tools and process of both Agile and DevOps I can increase your organisations ability to deliver high quality services and applications at pace.


In order to deliver technology change at pace, process and automation are absolutely key. Even if you are not organisation following all the principles of Agile, adopting certain principles will help. As a trained Scrum Master I see value in all the principles of Agile and adopting an agile culture is key, but Agile isn't the silver bullet and doesn't solve all of the problems. Agile is great at highlighting dysfunction within an organisation, fixing it is up to you.

DevOps is key to delivering quality software quickly. Building applications using a test driven development methodology will ensure higher quality software is produced, but thats just the start. Creating a fully automated pipeline from code checkins, through unit testing, integration testing, through to putting code live, a well thought out DevOps pipeline can streamline your development process.

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